Recommended Material for Tooway KA(-SAT antenna

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Two factors are important:
Electrical DC resistance (Ohm) for the power for the support from Satellite
Modem to BUC

For the Tooway terminal

The max. loss of voltage over the cable is 6.7vdc for both Ka and Ku terminals

For the Ka band terminal the voltages are as follows

The Tx voltage is 30vdc at the modem so the minimum voltage at the antenna is 23.3vdc

The Rx voltage is 24vdc at the modem so the minimum voltage at the antenna is 17.3vdc

Maximum value (inner connector plus outer braid) = 2.27 Ohms

Signal Attenuation Signal: Maximum Value:
9.17 dB at 1000 MHz and 14.3 dB at 2200 MHz

This results to a maximum cable length between IDU and ODU of
• 30 m using RG59 Cable
• 50 m using RG 6 Cable
• 100 m using RG 11 Cable.

Please see manual page 14 for cable specification sheets for further details


Any exterior electrical connectors have two things in common

  1. A system of strain relief that stops the cable from being pulled out of the back of the connector
  2. A system of waterproofing on the rear and front of the connector

This is why we recommend compression connectors for all exterior connections

I have come across three makes of compression connector that satisfy these requirements. Cablecon are our favourite for the moment as they offer a range of compression connector types (BNC, F, N, etc.).
Cablecon also offer an F type connector that does not require a compression tool which makes life a lot easier



Snap n Seal

You should always leave a drip loop under the transceiver/LNB/BUC and also before the cable enters the building.

You should always leave what is called a service loop (1m of cable in a loop) at the antenna end. This allows new connectors to be installed or the mast to be moved at a later point.

Tools for antenna installation

Sighting compass
13mm Socket
13mm Ring spanner
Adjustable spanner
Knife/Stripping tool
Screw drivers
Compression tool for connectors
Hammer/percussion power drill
Selection of drill bits for raw bolts and drilling through walls/window frames


An analyser is a tool that you buy to cover a multiple of tasks so we cannot recommend one analyser for the Tooway product. We will however give a list of all the analysers we consider suitable for Tooway installations.

Primary functionality is as follows


  • Span to 100MHz
  • Ability to give either 13v and 18v DC to the LNB
  • Ability to give 22KHz to LNB
  • CBER measurement
  • C/N measurement with ability to adjust Noise floor frequency



Secondary functions


  • 10MHz measurements
  • Span to 32MHz
  • Printing or memory for installation reports

Promax TV explorer 2

Horizon HD-TC8

Rover Examiner


Satlook NIT


This is not an exaustive list on any of these subjects so please if you have any sugestions please get in touch with us.

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